This April, your teenage daughter has the opportunity to participate in a youth mentor-ship circle, meeting every Saturday morning at 10am. Our intentions are to learn as many skills as possible for navigating the sometimes choppy waters of adolescence. We create a healthy and real network of friends and mentors that will be there for this month and on into the future.

The initial course meets once a week for a month, but it does not end there as we intend to continue and evolve the meetings over time. A strong foundation for friendship connection and mentorship can last a lifetime. 

Join The Circle


April 3rd - 24th:

Zoom Meeting Saturday Mornings @ 10am  for 4-weeks. This group is for those who identify as she/they, ages 12-17.

Classes will not be recorded for privacy reasons so participation is key. 

This class offers a refuge of support and guidance so needed in today's world.

Through art, music, activities, movement,  and discussion, we face the challenges and celebrations of being a young woman.

What we do

We will meet one morning a week for four weeks straight on Zoom.  We will spend two hours together talking, laughing, creating, connecting and going deep. Deep into friendship, deep into what it means to be a young woman growing up in today's world, deep into whatever is living in the group right now.

Have a free chat with Jenna to see if this class is right for your teen.

Meet Your Guide and Mentor

Jenna Dalton has been an educator and healer for over 20 years.  She brings a relaxed, safe and silly approach to her classes.  The girls love the way she both mentors and encourages.

"I really felt like I could be myself here.  Jenna's different and she let's us be too." ~Age 14

We Touch On Topics

Body image, race and classism, social media, sexuality, friendship, consent, crushes, fertility and our hopes for the future. No stone will be left un-turned.

Overcome Any Barrier

Anyone who identifies with being female is invited into this group. We reserve one scholarship for a motivated teen.  Priority goes toward any person of color or trans identifying. 


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