Throughout the year, young women have the opportunity to participate in this special youth mentor-ship intensive.

Anxiety, social pressure and toxic relationships are added daily to the already long list of challenges young people face in today's world.  

In this age of gender fluidity and struggle to create a more gender neutral society,

Why focus just on girls?

Some Statistics From Youth Mindset:

  • Over ⅔ antidepressants prescribed to teenagers are for girls

  • Girls are 5 times more likely to deliberately self-harm themselves

  • Over 90% of teenagers admitted in the hospital for disordered eating, are girls

  • Girls are twice as likely to develop mood disorders than boys

  • Nearly ¼ of teenage girls display depressive symptoms

  • 71% of girls are more stressed out then boys

  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death in adolescent girls


This circle focuses on building community and learning tools and skills for navigating the choppy waters of adolescence. We create a healthy and real network of friends and mentors that will be there for this month and on into the future.

The initial course - Navigating Deep Waters - touches on topics like "what exactly is going on in our bodies? How do we navigate our relationships? What do we do with all these new thoughts, now that our world is expanding?  and Who do we want to BE in the world?"

This group spotlights basic tools from A-Alignment and B-Boundaries for surviving and thriving in the world using movement, writing, meditation and imagery as a springboard for empowerment and inner reflection.

The next level - Deep Dive - is for teens who have already taken Navigating Deep Waters and are ready to go further. Here we talk about the tough stuff.  Negative self talk, gender and sexuality, how to manage anxiety,  distorted self image and what to do with all these hormones coursing through our newly adult bodies!  Not to mention managing the social media maze while still empowering self love.

Each course meets four times for 1.5 hours, and grants your teen access to our ongoing, monthly circles and secure and private communication platform.

Empower Me!



November 13th

December 11th

January 8th &

February 12th

Virtual course starts at 3:30 (PST)

This group is for ages 12-17.

This class offers a refuge of support and guidance so needed in today's world.

Through art, music, activities, movement and discussion, we face the challenges and celebrations of being a young person in today's world.

Sign up below for a Complimentary 15 min chat with Jenna if you have an interested group or teen and we will find a date that works.

What we do

We will meet four times either in person or on Zoom.  1.5 hours together talking, laughing, creating, connecting and going deep. Deep into friendship, deep into what it means to be a young woman growing up in today's world, deep into whatever is living in the group right now.

Not Sure? Chat with Jenna to see if this class is right for your teen.

Meet Your Guide and Mentor

Jenna Dalton has been an educator and healer for over 20 years.  She brings a relaxed, safe and silly approach to her classes.  The girls love the way she both mentors and encourages.

"I really felt like I could be myself here.  Jenna's different and she let's us be too." ~Age 14

We Welcome ALL

Everyone is invited into this group. We welcome every race, gender, sexuality and walk of life into the circle and believe that the more diversity lives here, the stronger our circle will be.  We may not always agree, but we will always be a safe place to be heard, loved and respected.

Overcome Any Barrier

If you or yours have fallen on hard times, please still reach out.  We will find a way.

 We reserve one scholarship for a motivated teen.  Priority goes toward any person of color or trans identifying. 


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