Get Some Writing Done!

Use this retreat to springboard your writing projects.

We will inspire you to actually get some writing done! Finish a project, start a project or just make some headway. Set the goal for yourself when you arrive and we will be in agreement for you to reach that goal.

The Writer's Realm

The 8th Chakra stores symbols and our archetypal life. The 8th is where your stories live. Accessing this realm will make your writing flow. 

Tarot and Divining to Tell Your Story

Getting stuck as a writer isn't getting stuck at all. Learn how to use this pause as a way to cultivate and develop the story, rather than seeing it as a block. Let spirit come to your rescue with divination and meditation. We will show you some ways to incorporate these tools into your writing life.

Our Virtual Retreat Begins:

June 11th-13th Friday 5-7pm (PST)

Saturday 9:30am-3pm (PST)

Sunday 9:30am-Noon (PST)

Cost: $169.00



Access intimate conversations within our circle and within yourself.

You get to choose your own adventure: Solo Trek: Digest writing prompts, meditation and use the chat box to reach out. You get to be up the hill in your tent away from the group.               Collaborate: Create and play with our circle, find a fun breakout room, ask for help, share some of your writing, help someone else develop a character or idea OR Something in between.

Who is this retreat for?

Frustrated writers, joyful writers, journaling lovers, anyone feeling the pressure of a story inside of them that wants to be born.

You and your love of writing are welcome. Please come with your half developed ideas, fully developed ideas and anything in-between.

You do not need to be a published author in any form to receive support and joy from this retreat.

Inspiration Menu

Melinda and Liliana bring a cultivated wellspring of majestic writing prompts and play.

We will share our favorite poems, stories and anecdotes to help you find the words.

You can expect humor and silliness to be part of the inspiration menu.

This is YOUR re-treat. Book a hotel somewhere and take us on the road or make your own cozy abode into a writing hideaway. Use your imagination and join us on the writing adventure of a lifetime.


Hosted By Two Fun Escape Artists

Come escape with us! Melinda brings her therapeutic writing prompts and passion for writing and Liliana brings her tarot cards, meditation and energy tools.

Liliana Barzola

Mestiza, intuitive healer and storyteller. The magic of words have kept her going through hard times. She loves the alchemy of cooking, the poetry or John O’Donohue, I Love Lucy episodes and anything with Angela Landsbury in it. She is dyslexic which makes writing difficult, but she still manages to push through her insecurities and creates content regularly. She is the author of, The Ancient Women’s Circle. Her work has been featured in Bustle, Swaay, Yoga Digest and Conscious Connection Magazine. Click here to check out her website.

Melinda Laus

Melinda Laus (laws) is a grief therapist, storyteller and writer. Melinda’s writing voice melds her experiences with healing grief, her love of nature and her devotion to self discovery. She loves to dabble in short fiction, poetry and feels most at home writing from personal experience for her memoir. Her favorite journals are the $1 composition books in the school supply section of any store. It took until her 40’s before she could see and embrace her inner artist. In addition to writing, she loves coloring books, ink pens and playing with watercolor. Melinda’s greatest joy is found sitting under a tree, near water with a blank page and a new pen just waiting to be put to use. Wanna learn more about Melinda's story? Click here to check out her website.


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