Welcome Winter with Writing & Energy Work

We begin Friday evening by inviting in the elements of Winter and spend the weekend being cozy. We access intimate conversations within our circle and within yourself. Write a little, Share a little. The theme of our retreat is Sharing and Shaping our stories.


Who is this retreat for?

Anyone who wants to get the stories inside of them onto the page.

You and your love of writing are welcome. Please come with your half developed ideas, fully developed ideas and anything in-between.

This retreat is for everyone.

Intuitive Support

Sometimes we need someone to help us read what lies in the periphery. It’s there. It’s within reach. Join our writer’s retreat and we will help you gain clarity and shape your stories too.

I am thrilled to share Heather Diamond’s new book with you. Check out her memoir here. “Moving between Hawaii, Hong Kong, and the continental US, Rabbit in the Moon is an honest, finely crafted meditation on intercultural marriage, the importance of family, and finding the courage to follow your dreams.”

Come for the connection and the writing!

Our Virtual Retreat Begins:

Sept 24th-26th Friday 5-7pm (PST)

Saturday 9:30am-3pm (PST)

Sunday 9:30am-Noon (PST)

Cost: $197.00


Get Some Writing Done!

We recommend that you take some time before this retreat to write a little or to shape some writing you have. You will then use this retreat to develop your writing. Bring three pieces of writing to share or shape; a paragraph, chapter, or a writing theme you've been experimenting with. You will find that the group gives you the information you need to keep going. We pull cards, work through fears and cultivate ideas.

Join Our Escape And Have Some fun!

These weekends are a delight, a time to play creatively with your imagination and with our participants. We love participating in them and hosting them. All players are on equal ground meeting together as humans. There's a mix of published authors and people who don't even know where to begin but crave expression through pen and paper. 

The Writer's Realm

Once again we will access our 8th Chakras to explore the symbols and archetypes. Play with divination (tarot and pendulum) to move through stuck writing points.

This is YOUR re-treat. Book a hotel somewhere and take us on the road or make your own cozy abode into a writing hideaway. Use your imagination and join us on the writing adventure of a lifetime.


Hosted By Liliana Barzola

Co-facilitators Jenna Dalton and Drew Vandiver

Jenna Dalton: The Artist and Teacher

Teacher, Storyteller and Songwriter. Creator of "Letters: or a Toast..." a memoire through music. Jenna shares her sweet meditations with us and hold sacred space for the circle. 

Liliana Barzola: The Oracle

Mestiza, intuitive healer and storyteller. The magic of words have kept her going through hard times. She loves the alchemy of cooking, the poetry or John O’Donohue, I Love Lucy episodes and anything with Angela Landsbury in it. She is dyslexic which makes writing difficult, but she still manages to push through her insecurities and creates content regularly. She is the author of, The Ancient Women’s Circle. Her work has been featured in Bustle, Swaay, Yoga Digest and Conscious Connection Magazine. Click here to check out her website.

Drew Vandiver: Script Writer and Actor

Author, magician or madman?  YES! Drew stars as our guest writing coach offering powerful feedback and much needed comic relief!


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