Sunday, April 11th from 10:00am-12:30pm PST

In this fun little class you will learn to use humor to improve your writing and make 'em laugh.

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Humor can make you a better writer

Because life is funny. We've all read those books that make us laugh. They draw us in and make us turn the page. Learning to make your writing funny is a skill anyone can develop. And who better to teach you, than my friend, Drew, screenwriter and playwright.

My Friend Drew

For past 15 years, Drew has been a sort of artistic advisor for me. He has given corrections, inspirations and advice on many of our creative projects. Mostly he has helped things become more magical and more funny. Now is your chance to learn from him and get some support for your artistic projects.

Write a Little, Laugh a Little

Drew will share his techniques for making a scene, dialogue or story funny or funnier. We will do a couple demos and then go off into groups or solo to practice. You will get support and learn some skills. If you feel anxious reading this, remember that all our classes are self directed. You choose how much or little you want to participate. We don't believe in forcing the fun. You will not be expected to share or perform. True community is built when all the differences and levels are embraced. That is what we do here.

"When a good idea occurs, it has been prepared by a long time of reflection. But you have to be patient. We all have what I call the invisible worker inside ourselves; we don't have to feed them or pay them, and they work even when we are sleeping. We must be aware of their presence, and from time to time stop thinking about what we are trying to do, stop being obsessed about answers, and just give them the room, the possibility, to do their work. They are tenacious, you see. They never lose hope." -Jean Claude Carriere


Hosted By Two Ridiculous Writers

Liliana Barzola

Mestiza, intuitive healer and storyteller. The magic of words have kept her going through hard times. She loves the alchemy of cooking, the poetry or John O’Donohue, I Love Lucy episodes and anything with Angela Landsbury in it. She is dyslexic which makes writing difficult, but she still manages to push through her insecurities and creates content regularly. She is the author of, The Ancient Women’s Circle. Her work has been featured in Bustle, Swaay, Yoga Digest and Conscious Connection Magazine. Click here to check out her website.

Drew Vandiver

Drew Vandiver has always been a little too much. 'Talks to much' on every report card. Too passionate, too stuborn, too wild and too sensitive. He grew up in a small southern town but only really wanted to be gay and French. He loves Elaine May and Dolly Parton with equal zeal. Polyamorous, pansexual and finally at peace with his own path. He is a screenwriter and playwright and recently completed his first book, the story of a man's search for spiritual truth accompanied by his dog who speaks English as a second language.

Sunday, April 11th from 10:00am-12:30pm PST


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