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Susie, Living on the west coast this past year has been a perspective-shifting experience.  It has opened my eyes to climate change in a real way. Part of why our family chose to leave the desert (Bend, OR.) two years ago was due to the constant smoke and terrible air quality. There was no longer a smoke "season"- it was year round. It was hard on the body, mind and spirit and not being able to freely explore in nature felt unbearable. We gave up all our air-purifiers and ventilation masks and moved to a small rural-ish town 45 min outside of Portland, Oregon. We were shocked to learn that this wasn't the solution either.

Apparently you can't "out run" climate change.

Last September, we almost lost our home to an encroaching fire and had to flee our home during covid for two weeks. Last winter we experienced a historic ice storm and lost of power in freezing conditions for over a week. (When it's snowy in Portland that means ice. You can't drive away from the problems.) Now, we are having stifling summer heat waves of 117 degrees. We don't have air conditioning in our 100-year-old farmhouse. We are ethically opposed to it; not wanting to damage the earth any further. Each time an environmental event happens, we are working to keep our chickens and dogs alive in what feels like harrowing conditions. I remember the night we came home after a heat wave broke at midnight. It began to rain and people were dancing in the street, crying with relief. (I don't even have the breath in me to mention Covid. That's for another day.) So as we contemplate maybe another move, we recognize there is no straight answer.

I learn from my clients who live all over this great earth, that I need to have a flexible vs fixed perspective as I ask the question, "where is it in my highest good to live?" I am choosing to think of this next chapter on earth as a process of migration instead of some re-location where I then plop myself down and never leave again.

Today, I call upon my ancestors who where incredible at moving around, hahahah! Or to adapting to where they were forced to move. My DNA mapping is diverse: Ireland, Korea, North Africa, Argentina, France, Italy, Spain and the freaking Andes! I run my energy and tell my ancestors how grateful I am for their protection and for the little plot of land I get to garden on and steward. I invite their wisdom, to illuminate the path towards a place that is more in alignment. I ask for the information to be gentle and clear, 'cuz, holy shit I want to rest up for a bit!

Blessings to you all, my fellow humans, and may we move into healing the earth more peacefully and with so much grace. Love, Liliana

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We are in the heart of Sola! 

A course for the single ladies out there who are stepping into more conscious relationships with themselves and their someday lovers.  

Watch  this Insta-live convo with Co-facilitators Liliana, Alexandra and Josie! 

Sign-up for this particular course is closed but, if you beg us, we'll open another round for those who missed it!

Ready? Set? WRITE!
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Our Virtual Writer's Escape Retreat Begins: 

SEPTEMBER  24th-26th

Friday 5-7pm (PST)

Saturday 9:30am-3pm (PST)

Sunday 9:30am-Noon (PST)

Cost: $169.00

What are people saying about our writing retreats?

"I finally started to own that I am a writer... I loved the meditation work, the breakout sessions, and the feedback provided by the retreat leaders and co-participants. I really appreciated listening to other writers and getting feedback from Liliana. "


"I felt so grounded and surrounded by support during this retreat. I didn't feel the need to "show" what I could do or to prove my bona fides. It was a lovely, strong, supportive group and I left feeling like I had a huge group of new like-minded friends. It felt like home."  ~April

$169 gets you a spot & there's scholarship pricing too!
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Get Some Writing Done!

Use this retreat to develop your writing in a rockin' community.

Bring three pieces of writing to share and shape; a paragraph, chapter, or a writing theme you've been experimenting with. Liliana, Drew and Jenna will clear the space and give helpful feedback that will inspire you to keep writing. 

D-Class Virtual Weekend Retreat October 29-31st

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If you have completed A-Alignment, consider this your official OWL invitation from your neighborly Defense Against the Dark Arts Professors!  Join our Virtual Weekend Retreat in October working with pendulums to clear parasitic energy. 

 Defend and protect our planet by removing dark parasitic interference from people, situations and spaces.

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Leo season demands that I look in the mirror...I mean reallly look in the mirror. I'm 47 and perimenopausal. I always thought menopause was the end of all the fun. All I can remember about my mom at this age is watching her get more and more depressed.  But when I look at myself in the mirror I see new life. It's been confusing the last couple of years. The depression and the impending 'end' of life that I watched my mom endure HASN’T brought me down. I realize that working on all the energy of my lineage and completing old patterns and stories that were passed down to me have actually changed my perspective.

I wasn't expecting that.

I thought I'd work on all of this stuff and then still have to battle the dreaded 'change'. Instead it feels more like a survivable roller coaster. I even have stronger self esteem and more energy to look at my shadow side with compassion that I didn't have before. And that is a big surprise for me. An actual attitude change about self love? Who woulda thought! And yes, I realize I'm just at the beginning of this journey. But I'm starting out in a much better place that I would've imagined.

I am currently reminding myself that August is for enjoying the outdoors...that I need to play as well as weed the garden and fix the fence. The change in my perception of myself has been about letting the overlay of my mom that I see in the mirror disappear. And allowing myself to look a minute longer at who I've created by living my own life and doing my own self work. Somehow this all seems a little easier in this summer/Leo season.

Next I'll be on to Virgo season, where the details of a changing perspective will be revealed. oh joy...I mean, OH JOY!

May the stars be with us, Josie Coleman


In the mornings, I have an awesome routine that makes me feel fabulous.  It involves starting the day with some of my favorite things: nature, fresh air, dogs and meditation.  Especially in these hot summer days, I love getting up early and walking the dog to this one tree, in this one park, before everyone's awake, just far enough away from my house to feel like I'm actually getting some exercise!  I sit at the base of a sycamore and for a moment, nothing and everything matters.  I love that feeling.  

Well today, my lover wanted to snuggle extra long in bed and my daughters BEGGED me to take them out to a coffee shop for a special drink and I watched my morning routine slip away.  I could feel a familiar tension grow, for just a second, in my gut.  Stresss, anger, guilt - feeling like I was breaking some arbitrary rule I set for myself.  Four years ago this would have ruined my entire day and resulted in me stomping around like a child, resenting everything in front of me (yes...I can be kind of a baby when I want to be!). But today, I remembered all the work I have been doing on switching my fixed mindsets into fluid ones.  So instead of resisting, I went with the flow.  I asked myself "What do I really need to make this day great?"  

I re-set myself in present time.  

Suddenly I am fully present with my lover and truly enjoying every special touch.   Suddenly I am saying effortlessly to my daughters, "you get yourselves ready for the coffeeshop and I will go in the bedroom and do a short meditation"  Suddenly everyone wins and right now is enough. 

So what, if it isn't the sycamore tree-infused routine that I do most days. Today is perfect no matter how it unfolds.



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Come Practice on Magic Mondays!

Trade readings and energy healings. This is practice time for anyone who has had A-Alignment or more. Whether you are a curious beginner or an experienced reader:

All levels are welcome. Join in the fun! (This will be videos off so no need to worry about how you look or your messy room😂) Let’s build our community - 2nd and 4th Monday of every month 5pm (PST).  

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