Are you ready to join our magical revolution? Meet us on the Platform 9 3/4.

Defend and protect our planet by removing dark parasitic interference from people, situations and spaces.

Meet Your Magical Professors

Your teachers are hard at work preparing their costumes and making it all fun.

Rev. Josie Coleman

Deputy Headmistress ~ Care of Magical Creatures, Flying & Astronomy.

Rev. Liliana Barzola

Headmistress ~ Divination, Muggle Studies & Transfiguration


Virtual Weekend Retreat ~ Oct 28th-30th, 2022

Space is limited; this is our most popular class & it always fills up. Friday 5-7pm (PST), Saturday 9am-4pm (PST), Sunday @9am-3pm (PST) There is a 50 min lunch break at Noon-ish on both days.

Weekend Virtual Retreat

How to prepare for the weekend retreat? This is a sacred and playful time for your growth and development. Take care of yourself first. Tell the people that will "need" you during the weekend that you are taking space to focus and choose to be undisturbed. That being said, we have built in plenty of breaks so that you don't get zoom fatigue. So you can tend to yourself, your brood, your puppy, go for a walk, eat some lunch, do a writing assignment  & practice away from a screen. You will blossom and integrate.


Owl Mail

Real Mail Delivered to Your Doorstep. Our owls are very busy and the sooner you apply the sooner we can get the Owl Post to you.

Add-on Additional Training & Mentorship

After the Weekend Retreat you can continue your learning with:

Weekly D-Clinics $25.00

45 min Private Mentorship with our team $125.00




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