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Rev. Liliana Barzola, an intuitive since childhood, uses her gift to enable individuals, couples, and organizations to find clarity and direction. She is a first generation, successful Mestiza, Lesbiana entrepreneur. She has conducted over 20,000 in-person and phone intuitive sessions, and taught over 600 students, since 2002. Her practice, Lotus Lantern Healing Arts, has an international clientele including individuals in Australia, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada, Venezuela, Africa, the UK, and every US state. She’s experienced the adventures of marriage, divorce, deaths of loved ones, chronic illness, single parenting and overcoming the trauma of domestic violence. These things have leveled her, humbled her, tormented her and forced her to grow. She channels a deep reservoir of compassion and laughter to help get you through it all too.

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Frank van Waardenburg presented Part One of Sacred Economics @ Lotus Lantern Healing Arts before the housing collapse that began 2007-08. He helped so many of our clients prepare for that crash that Liliana has asked him to come back to share his insights on the financial markets in 2022 and beyond. He foresees a stock market collapse and bear market coming.

Frank uses the Mayan Calendar, Hindu Cosmology and Astrology to connect natural cycles to market cycles. He developed an instinct about stocks that would rise. Toward the end of the 90's he stopped selling securities and advised his clients to move their money, then the tech bubble burst. He began lecturing about the housing market in the latter 2000’s and predicted the housing bubble burst. In his recent interview (video below) with Liliana, he stated "buy the dip" then the NASDAQ went up 140%; predicting the 2020 market dip and expansion. In this workshop he will give you solid strategies for the next year's changing terrain.


Explore The Mayan Calendar, Hindu Cosmology, Astrology & Natural Cycles. 



Learn Frank's Strategy for Managing Financial Terrain in a Probable Coming Crash and Bear Market.



Bring your Financial Questions for the Q and A.


This is our interview from 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. 


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